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Are you in need of a broken device repair? You’re in luck because at Wireless People, we have seen and fixed it all! We can fix it as easily as you can break it. And we can repair it for a whole lot cheaper than you can replace it. From cracked screens to broken charging ports and more from Wireless People Cell Phone Repair Service Dallas Tx. This is your one-stop onsite repair service.


Are you looking to upgrade your electronic device? You can get the latest gadget. Wireless People is always stocked with the newest devices in the market at affordable prices. 


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Our website makes it easy to tell us what device you have, and what service you need.

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We come to you, whenever you’re ready, often in under an hour

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Our expert techs bring the parts and skills to complete each job on the spot. no need to ship your device, no drive to a store or wait in line

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We give you clear, upfront pricing. you pay after the job is done, with cash or credit card. simple!

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At Wireless People Cell Phone Repair, our pricing is updated constantly to ensure you get the best price when you need our service, 100% guaranteed! The price you see is the price you pay.